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Prepare a Windowsill Herb Garden

The function of a windowsill herb garden

Do you love the flavor of fresh herbs in your cooking? Wouldn't it be great if you could simply head to your windowsill anytime you needed a fresh snip of parsley or a sprig of oregano? Actually, you can grow your favorite seasonings in a small herb garden at the window.

And it won't take you much time or effort at all. Many herbs are quite easy to grow, as long as you select the plants that thrive in an indoor environment and there are many to choose from.

Most popular indoor herbs

Many of the culinary herbs that are used in many recipes (and potato recipes, too) can easily be grown indoors as long as they have sufficient light and regular watering.

Basil can be started from seed and placed in the sunniest window in the house. Oregano will work well alongside the basil in that sunny window, but it is generally better to start this herb from a cutting. A great choice for herbs could be the following:

  • rosemary
  • sage
  • parsley

With these herbs you will have a pretty, aromatic and functional collection.

Planting basics

  1. A windowsill herb garden can be planted in a single long container or a variety of pots, depending on your preference and the types of herbs that are planted.

  2. The container should be at least six inches deep to allow for sufficient root growth. You can use a standard potting soil for your herbs, but a soilless mix will help to prevent some types of plant diseases. You can also use a combination of equal parts potting soil, compost and vermiculite or sand to grow your windowsill herb garden.

  3. If your window does not provide sufficient sunlight, you can add florescent lighting to help your plants along. Herbs do not like to sit in too much moisture, so water sparingly.

  4. Since your plants will not get fed from nutrients in the earth, you will also want to fertilize your herbs every month to promote growth and health.

  5. If you like, you can transfer your plants outdoors during the late spring and summer months and move them back inside to your windowsill herb garden when the cold weather returns.

Fresh herbs can add pizzazz to any recipe, whether it is a marinade for a summertime barbecue or a seasoning for a hearty winter stew. Many herbs can be easy to grow, especially if you purchase starter plants and transfer them to your own pots in your window. Some herbs, like basil, can even be successfully started from seed. By growing your own herbs, you can enjoy herbs fresh from the stem all year long.

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