so who really invented the potato chip?

So who really invented the potato chip?

So who really invented the potato chip? Because I read in an article that George Crum’s sister (or however she was related to him) invented it. So, umm I’m lost.

Potato chips are more popular now than ever. They come in a great variety of flavors like sour cream, onion, and barbecue sauce, just to mention some of them.

These snacks are really tasty, and if they are homemade, it’s so much better. The advantage of cooking chips at home is that you control the amount of fat, salt, and you just prepare them the way you like. 

Potato chips can be cooked using the microwave, too.

So, who invented the potato chip? According to many researchers, on August 24 1853, a chef named George Crum, of Saratoga Springs, New York, created the potato chip (also known as crisps in other countries).

It’s very interesting how this chef created these chips.

Chef Crum was working at a restaurant and a customer didn’t like his fried potatoes at all. The customer insisted that he wanted the potatoes to be cut thinner before being fried.

The chef had no other choice, so he began to cut them very thin. Finally, the customer was really happy about the fried potatoes, and this is how they became so popular.

You mentioned that you read an article about someone related to George Crum who invented the potato chips.

It’s possible that the person you are referring to is Laura Scudder, but she didn’t invent the potato chip. Laura Scudder was the owner of a potato chip factory in California.

What she invented in 1926 was a potato chip bag (made of wax paper) to keep its content fresh. This was because potato chips were used to be packed in barrels. 

However, when chips were packed in wax paper bags, that helped to keep them fresh much longer.

By the way, did you know that March 14 is the National Potato Chip Day?