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Scalloped Potatoes Video

A scalloped potatoes video is ideal to show people how to prepare a tasty dish without much problem. Recipes are easy to follow most of the times; however, there are occasions when you do the procedure correctly but somehow the meal turns out to be nothing like you were expecting.

Cooking is not complex but there are times that you need to see exactly what to do or the results can be different. A dish that can be easily learned while watching a video is the scalloped one. Preparing it, is nothing out of this world, but the scalloped potatoes video can be more than helpful if you want it to get it done the right way.

This recipe can be a bit different from others that involve potatoes. One example of this is the heating milk step; in many potato dishes the temperature of the milk is not that important but in this case is essential for its success. The way the potatoes are cut is also very distinctive. In other recipes the potatoes are often cut in halves or not cut at all. The preparations done in the scalloped potatoes recipe video require every potato to be cut in thin slices.

Now after that is done you need to keep in mind that several layers are required.

Once the cut potatoes are in the casserole it is mixed with a little bit of onion, flour, pepper, salt and a bit of butter. Adding some cheese is optional but if you want to give this dish a yummy touch then go for it. Either Mozzarella or Cheddar cheese can do the trick. This process has to be done multiple times depending on your preferences; if you like it light 2 layers can do it but if want it heavy use 4 layers. The warm milk plays an important role here as it is used to create a crust giving the recipe not only a distinctive texture but also a very pleasing taste.

There is no need to use all the milk; if you prefer the crust to be thin use only a small portion, otherwise employ a bigger amount. The distinctive crust can only be created if the recipe is covered properly at the right time. Remember to uncover the potatoes after the first 30 minutes of baking so it can take the proper consistency.

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