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Rosemary Olive Oil

The rosemary olive oil can do wonders for your potatoes. Potatoes are very versatile; they can go well with almost anything. One way to make them even more delicious is by the addition of olive oil and rosemary.

Olive oil is commonly used in Italian recipes but is not limited to them. It can provide a distinct flavor to any dish. Rosemary is an aromatic herb that can help you a quite a bit in the kitchen. Now there is much more to the rosemary and olive oil than just making food taste better.


The rosemary has been used for centuries as a condiment, for religious purposes and to treat a number of diseases. In several ancient cultures it served to preserve meat due to its antiseptic properties.

The benefits of olive oil are very impressive as well. It has powerful antioxidant properties which may contribute in preventing conditions. There are a lot of advantages that can be gained by mixing the rosemary and the olive oil which will not only make your recipes taste better but also help you to attain better health.

How to make rosemary olive oil

In order to make your own oil, you will need some ingredients:

Rosemary sprigs and olive oil bottle

  • 16 oz of extra virgin olive oil

  • a 16 oz glass bottle with lid 

    (preferably dark, you can use the bottle of the olive oil)

  • 9 sprigs of rosemary

  • 1 paper towel
    (or small cloth)

  • kitchen funnel

  • small mesh strainer

  • saucepan


  1. The first step for preparing the rosemary olive oil is to sprinkle some water over the paper towel or washcloth; that will make it slightly humid. You don’t want to wet it too much.

  2. Clean each one of the rosemary sprigs with the humid washcloth and let them dry. Make sure the sprigs don’t get water over them as they can decay faster.

  3. Now is time to take the olive oil and pour it in the saucepan. Heat it at a very low temperature. The objective is to make it slightly warm; so that it can keep its natural properties. The process will take just a couple of minutes.

  4. Next get the rosemary sprigs and put them in the glass bottle. This bottle should be big enough to hold 16 oz.

  5. Once the olive oil is warm enough; is time to add it to the bottle where the rosemary is located. Pour the oil carefully using a funnel.

  6. Close the bottle with the lid and let it cool down. Keep in mind that the bottle should be placed in a dry area, where no sunlight can reach to prevent the oil from breaking down.

  7. After some days have passed (6 to 7 days) your rosemary olive oil is going to be ready to be used. 

    At this point you can take out the rosemary by filtering the oil with a strainer and putting it back again with a funnel but it is optional. The leaves give a fairly nice touch to the bottle. The oil is ideal for giving a delightful taste to salads, breads and of course, potatoes.

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