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Red Potatoes

Red potatoes are one of the many variations of the popular potato crops. Potatoes are a starchy popular crop originating from South America. These vegetables are widely cultivated around the world for cooking dishes in many different ways.

Only a few crops like rice and corn are more cultivated than potatoes. The cultivation of the potato usually takes a lot of work and their storage occurs at specialized warehouses that can maintain relative low temperatures. 

There are a couple of thousand of distinct potato varieties but some of the most common are: Red Norland, Red Pontiac, Yukon Gold, Russet Burbank, Russet Norkotah, and Fingerling.

Red potatoes are one of the most popular types of potatoes and have many characteristics that make them very desirable. This type of potato can be cultivated through the whole year unlike some other types that are mostly grown a couple of times a year.

Choosing the correct potato is quite easy.

Red potatoes in a blue plateThe main characteristics that you are looking for are some good firmness, the skin has to be very smooth and a good bright red color

There are also characteristics that a good red potato should not have. If they are too soft, has a cut or some green coloring it should not be consumed.

After buying your potatoes remember to avoid storing them in the refrigerator, otherwise the starch will turn into sugar causing it to darken its color when cooked.

The nutritional value of this vegetable is another of its advantages.

Almost no fat, a very little amount of sodium, a great source of fiber, vitamin C, Vitamin B and potassium makes the potato one of the favorite elements on any meal. The nutrition is a very important aspect on any food but good taste is also necessary in order to fully enjoy it. Potatoes are not only tasty but they are perfect to make several recipes. The skin is very thin which makes them way easier to peel than the white variety and their color makes for a fantastic decoration on any dish. 

You can easily make casseroles, soups and salads with this vegetable. There are many easy ways to cook the red variety of the potato. You can cook them in the microwave with some water, butter and your favorite spice. Another way to prepare food with this versatile vegetable is by grilling and roasting.

Baby potatoes

New potatoes

Whenever you can get some baby red ones, remember that they are tender, plus they will also look and taste exquisite, which is great for any reunion at your home.

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Baby potatoes

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