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Uses of Raw Potatoes

The raw potatoes have many uses that probably some people don't know about. Potatoes are always used to prepare many dishes and we don't think of any other use for them if they are not cooked, being raw food.

It seems that from older times potatoes have been used as the main part of the meals and in remedies, particularly in rural homes where the families didn't have much money.

But now potatoes are commonly used in all kinds of households and is time to get back to the natural ways that were so efficient, inexpensive and frequently used before.

List of raw potato uses:

Red raw potatoes in halves

  1. Mild burns - Applying one or more slices as needed can actually relieve the burned skin from cooking, ironing and extremely hot food.

  2. Face mask - In a food processor puree a peeled potato with just a bit of water and leave it over your face for about 20 minutes, repeat weekly.

  3. Puffy eyes and dark circles - Put a refrigerated slice over each eye for about half hour to 45 minutes and the puffiness will go down.

  4. Headaches - Rub a few slices over your forehead for some relief.

  5. Battery - You can experiment and use potato electricity.

  6. Ornament - Keep a potato bonsai by taking a very sprouted potato, locate it on a dark place. Wait for it to have longer sprouts. On a shallow container add the potting soil, plant the potato and spread some gravel around.

  7. Compost - Potato pieces and peels shouldn't be thrown away if there is a container with drainage holes or space to make some compost to later be added to the soil for healthier plants.

  8. Broken light bulbs - You can cut a potato in half and press it into the broken light bulb so that you can unscrew the broken bulb from the fixture without cutting yourself. (courtesy of Josh, USA)

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