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You can use the potato salad with lemon vinaigrette recipe video to assist you in the making of this mouthwatering dish. Most potato recipes are not that hard to prepare, however, some of them might require a very specific technique to achieve the appropriate texture and other times seasoning them should be done in a certain order to have that special flavor that makes the dish popular. While reading instructions is normally good enough to make most recipes, at some point you are going to need a video to get the correct way to cook a more elaborated meal.

The potato salad with lemon vinaigrette is one of those recipes that you need to know exactly what you are doing; otherwise the ending result is going to be completely different than what you originally thought. The first thing you need to notice is that new potatoes are necessary for the recipe. You are probably asking why? Well the answer is that these types of potatoes have very thin skins and smooth texture which is exactly why they are needed for this tasty dish. Mature potatoes should not be used as they break easily when cooked also they are not as sweet as the new ones due to the high starch content.

Keep in mind that in this potato salad there is no need for peeling the potatoes so you can save your energy for the preparation of the dressing where you will need extra care. As you add the black pepper, the garlic and the salt be sure to mix them well enough so the right flavor is created. An adequate amount of grainy mustard enhances the taste of the recipe but don’t overdo it. 

The next part which is grating the lemon can be a bit tricky. As you grate it, be aware to target only the yellow part of the lemon as the whiter area tends to be bitter and you want your potatoes to be sweet! Once you have the dressing mixed with the lemon juice and the olive oil; you can proceed to cut the potatoes. 

The traditional way of doing this is by cutting them in half or if you prefer in quarters. You could go for smaller pieces of potatoes but it can become more difficult to handle. Now just before you start eating the potato salad remember to add the small pieces of green onions; they are ideal to spice up the already succulent dish.

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