Potato Planters

Getting potato planters can help you in growing natural and fresh potatoes. Vegetables are the healthiest of all food types. They can help you recover fast from diseases and prevent them.

Eating healthy vegetables is essential to keep a healthy life. Unfortunately in these times you cannot be sure if the vegetables you are eating are healthy. The use of pesticides is very common in the agriculture industry and those chemicals might affect greatly the quality of the product you are consuming. Food that has been sprayed with pesticides could be the cause of chronic diseases in the future.

Pesticides are not the only problem. Some vegetables have been genetically altered in order to make them grow faster and bigger. These transgenic vegetables are not precisely healthy. Once they have altered the genetic structure of the food it can become quite dangerous for anyone eating it. Genetically altered food can cause allergies and other chronic diseases. Thankfully there are ways to get fresh and unaltered vegetables. Organic food is the name given to the food that hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides or manipulated genetically. You can buy them at the market or you can start growing them yourself.

Among all the vegetables the potato is one that can be grown in your house and with little space.

many potatoes

Organic potatoes are also considered to be one of the healthiest vegetables and can provide your body several important nutrients. If you have a garden is super easy but if you don’t you will need potato planters. These planters are containers that you can use to grow your potatoes in the comfort of your own home. You can buy them or you can make them.

The planters sold at stores usually hold 40 liters of soil and you can reuse them. The price for the planters range from 8 to 20 USD most of the time.

If you want you can also make your own planters. Creating the planter will require a container with 1 foot of diameter and 2 feet deep at least. It must have a proper drainage so keep in mind you must either make small holes at the bottom of the container or you can make it in a way that is built into the soil.

Growing Potatoes in Tires

using tires as planters

You can use car tires and even buckets to make potato planters. Tires are very easy to use. Get 2 or 3 tires of the same size and put one over the other. Next fill the hole with a layer of gravel then add good soil over that layer.

The soil used will not be the one found in your yard. It has to be a mix of your soil with compost and peat moss. Remember that the soil for the container has to be preferably organic material.

Using old buckets can also help you get your potato planters. Make some holes at the bottom and fill it with compost. Depending on the size of the container you will be able to plant 1 or 2 seed potatoes max. Use organic potatoes for seeds to get good quality potatoes.