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Potato gnocchi is the ultimate mouth watering Italian food which has roots as far back as the Roman times in Italy. They are dumplings which can be prepared in various forms. Simple to make, gnocchi are made of flour and potatoes.

On average gnocchi should take about an hour to make including the preparation time. The cooking time of gnocchi is very quick, and most of time will be spent on preparing the gnocchi to be cooked.

How to Make Gnocchi

Peeled Yukon Gold potatoes should be put into water with salt added. Make sure not to put them into already boiling water as that will make the potatoes quite soggy. Once the potatoes are cooked, rice them and put them in a large bowl. Add potato flour to that bowl. Mixing these two ingredients will create dough like mass. Knead the mass for 5 minutes until the ingredients have mixed in well. Break the mass into a couple of even balls. Take one ball and roll it until it develops a snake like shape and then cut the dough into smaller pieces, using a knife. The pieces should be about an inch in size. Take the gnocchi pieces and put them in a pot of boiling water and allow them to cook. Once the gnocchi have all floated to the surface, they are properly cooked. On average it takes the gnocchi about five minutes to be cooked, a little longer if they have previously been frozen.

Potato Gnocchi Sauce

The most common sauce which goes along with gnocchi is tomato sauce. However, gnocchi with mushroom sauce is a unique and delicious way of putting a spin on this age old recipe. In a deep frying pan, white onions should be sautéed in butter until they turn a warm yellow color, once this happens add the mushrooms. Portobello mushrooms should be cut into small, even pieces. Turn the heat to a low and allow for the onions and mushrooms to slowly sauté together. After 20 minutes the mushrooms should be done, at this time white wine is added. The ingredients should be stirred for another 5 minutes after which they will be ready to serve. Different types of seasoning can be added to this sauce, all depending on the individual taste buds. Optionally the last ingredient to complete this tasty meal is parmesan cheese. After the sauce has been poured over the potato gnocchi, sprinkling parmesan cheese will give it just the last kick it needs.

Tips to Make the Best Gnocchi

When making gnocchi care must be taken not to allow the potatoes to cook for too long. The potatoes used for gnocchi need to be well cooked, but firm. It is also recommended to allow the potatoes to drain a little after being cooked, as not have watery dough.
 Fresh rosemary sprigs

Seasonings can also be added to the dough before it is cooked. If you are using the rosemary herb as a seasoning, chop the herb completely and just use a small amount.

Rosemary has a very strong taste which can be quite overpowering.

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