Potato Chip Slicer

A potato chip slicer can help you turn potatoes into a well known snack. You could be thinking, why make them instead of just buying them at the grocery store? Well, the typical chips can never be as fresh as the ones made at home. Making chips is not a complex process mainly when using a slicer of potato chips.

The slicer is designed to make chips in a consistent size. Using a knife to make the thin slices is possible but you will see they would pale in comparison to the slicer (reference).

Slicer Parts

A traditional or mandolin slicer is actually quite simple; is composed of a flat surface and a food safety holder. The flat surface can be adjusted to several downward positions and it contains a very sharp blade. The food holder uses several prongs to keep the potato in place. As the potato is pressed against the flat surface by the holder, it is directed towards the blade; resulting in very thin potato slices that fall below the surface that can be used to make very nice chips.

fresh potato chips

A slicer can use more than one type of blade. The blades can create a wide variety of cuts with different thickness. There are many types of slicers in the market; however, some are better than others. It is important to know what characteristics are necessary in a potato chip slicer to help you make the chips you desire.

Tips for Choosing the Best Slicer:

1- The price is one of the first things to take into consideration when buying a new potato chip slicer. It can range from $15 to over $60 USD depending on the type. Getting an expensive one is not an absolute necessity but the price is usually a good indicator of the quality.

2- As you look at the slicers is important to pay attention to the blades; you have to pick one with very strong and sharp blades.

3- Safety is a very important issue when choosing a chip slicer. Be sure your fingers cannot get cut with ease with the specific slicer you desire. Pay attention to the procedure of changing blades; you want to get your potatoes sliced; not your fingers.

4- Another important element in a potato chip slicer is for it to be able to cut the chips in a consistent manner. Every chip created should be similar with the others with the smallest difference.

5- The handling of the slicer should not be overlooked. A good one is easy to use and simplifies the locking and loading procedure.

6- You want a slicer with rubber feet; which is the perfect place to put a bowl and make it less prone to slip.

7- The cleaning part is the less favorite of many; a slicer that can be cleaned easily with low risk is preferable (getting one that is dishwasher safe can help quite a bit).

8- In addition to the manual potato chip slicer, you can go for the electric type if you want to make your life easier.

9- If you go with the electric type; get one with a strong motor. That way it won’t overheat and you will be able to use it many times in a row.

Once you have your slicer; get ready and start making the best chips you have ever tasted!