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Planting Garlic Cloves

Planting garlic can provide more benefits that you can imagine. Garlic has been cultivated for thousand years and is native to the Asian continent. This vegetable is a very close relative of the onion. Garlic is quite popular; it is a frequently used seasoning in the world.

Besides being utilized for seasoning in many dishes, it can be eaten raw, slightly cooked or even roasted as a part of many gourmet delicacies.

Some people use garlic to treat various conditions like high blood pressure and infections under the supervision of a qualified health professional. It is known to have powerful antioxidant properties.

How to Grow Garlic

Planting garlic is not that hard and the best part is that it can be done in a wide variety of climates. When planted in cold environments it is usually done in the fall season and the harvesting occurs in the spring. Garlic is a very tough plant and is not commonly attacked by pests and diseases. As a matter of fact is frequently used to keep away moles from other crops. Nematodes are one of the few problems that the garlic plant might encounter and so is the white rot disease. Garlic is capable of growing in soils with varying conditions. As long as you know the appropriate conditions you can be sure your garlic plants are going to be fine.

Planting garlic cloves - growing seed

Basic steps to start growing garlic:

1- First you have to be sure you have a soil with good drainage. Second the area where you are going to plant the garlic has to receive a lot of sunlight. Adding compost to your soil will definitely improve the chances of having a successful crop and do not forget to water the plants regularly. Ideally the ph of your soil should be around 7.0.

2- Now you can take the garlic bulb and separate it into cloves. You will want to plant them around March if you live in a warm environment that way the harvest time will be around September. In a colder environment is recommended to plant them by autumn so they are ready by spring.

3- As you are planting garlic cloves that have sprouted (ideally) remember to keep the top of the bulb just below the surface while the flatter end should be pointing downward. The cloves should be approximately 4 inches apart and the rows can be around 1 foot and 4 inches from each other. 

4- Once the tops of the bulbs turn brown it means they are ready for harvest. Proceed to take them out carefully and allow them to dry under cover for about 2 weeks. 

Once dry; trim the root out, take the discolored parchment and store it in a cool dry place. Growing garlic is not that different from growing other plants and it can be quite rewarding.

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