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Perfect Mashed Potatoes Video

A perfect mashed potatoes video can help you improve this recipe to a complete different level. Cooking potatoes does not require any complex skills but if you want to turn them into a masterpiece some assistance might be necessary. Watching a cooking video allows you to see the exact technique that professionals use to create amazing potato dishes.

Now, there are many ways to cook mashed potatoes. The best part is that you can combine so many different ingredients for a greater taste and this makes your dish unique. It is incredible how adding a little garlic, spices, sour cream, cheese or even a common ingredient, like bacon, can change the flavor of mashed potatoes.

In the perfect mashed potatoes video you are going to see how with just a few ingredients you can make your own special mashed potatoes to your liking.

First as you can see the Russet variety is used. Why, you might ask? They have the right amount of starch that makes them very soft and not chunky like other types. Next you need the butter (preferably unsalted), salt, pepper (you can choose between white, black or red) and do not forget the half a cup of whole milk. Another detail to keep in mind is to choose your masher wisely. The wire type is one of the most effective ones to mash the potatoes correctly. Other types are not as good to give the desired creamy texture.

Peel the potatoes completely and proceed with the cutting. Next you have to pay attention to the way you cut them. It is recommended to cut them in half so they can be cooked more evenly and not in smaller pieces since it can affect the consistency. Once they are cut is time to put them in water and start cooking.

Remember to add the salt; you do not want to have undergone all the trouble to realize you didn’t do this important step. In the perfect mashed potatoes video is noted that salt is key to give the potatoes a nice flavor. After 30 or so minutes check them with a knife or a fork to see if they are tender enough. Overcooking them a little bit is way better than if they don’t cook well; otherwise they could have too many lumps.

When the potatoes achieve the right texture; is time for the draining. Once drained keep them on the stove for an extra 30 seconds to completely eliminate all the remaining water. As soon as the half minute has passed you will see some steam from the bowl; that is the moment to turn it off and start mashing. This step only requires that you mash the potatoes straight down to cover the entire bowl. After 2 laps they should be ok; then is time to add the butter and mash again. Four laps should enough to mix them well with the butter. Putting the milk in the bowl goes next; as you do it, stir it a bit with the masher. Avoid using a bowl with non stick surface; instead use a stainless steel one as it is the better alternative. Finally the salt and pepper are added to the mix, and then the potatoes are whipped for a few seconds to make them fluffier.

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