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You can use the perfect baked potato video to help you improve your cooking skills. Making a potato recipe is not that hard but if you want it to be really special you can learn a few tricks to speed up the process. A video can easily be one of the simplest ways where you can truly learn how to make a new or do adjustments to an old recipe. In this specific video you will see how some details are extremely important in order to achieve the desired result when baking a potato.

The perfect baked potato video starts by showing which are the best potatoes you should use to bake, and the most common mistakes we make before baking. The video shows the first mistake people usually do when baking a potato is poke several holes through it with a fork and wrap it in aluminum foil. Doing this does not lead to a high quality baked potato. Some like to put the potatoes a couple of minutes in the microwave which cook them fast but not ideal. There is also the technique of using a skewer through the potato to reduce the cooking time which is somewhat good but not enough.

Also, you will learn the importance of rubbing the potatoes with a little olive oil and salt before baking them, how to get a crispy skin with a fluffy texture inside. Keep in mind that is imperative to be careful with the temperature as it makes a significant difference in the consistency of the potato. When setting the oven use approximately 190°F (88°C) is not as hot as some people would prefer but it will do the trick. Cooking it too high and you risk burning it so with that range only the exterior will get crispy and the interior part remains soft.

Baked potatoOnce is done you can open the potato and add anything you would like. Butter, sour cream and chives are just a few of the extra ingredients you can use to create your perfect baked potato. 

There is no need to limit yourself; at the end you will have a healthy and tasty treat that you can customize to your liking.

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