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Using Organic Herb Seeds

Organic herb seeds are used to produce high quality crops. In the world we are living today is very important to have a healthy herb supply; without it the people’s quality of life can diminish drastically. Herbs all around the world are often used for food, spices and medicinal purposes. It is of the utmost importance that all the seeds for these herbs are produced in the most natural way possible; otherwise it could compromise the benefit given by them. One thought that may be crossing your mind is why is so important to use organic herb seeds?

Cilantro (coriander) seeds and plant

Organic vs regular

Organic seeds come from plants that haven’t been treated with chemicals. In the modern industry is quite common to use all kinds of substances to accelerate the growth of plants. At first glance it seems like a good idea to make herbs grow faster unfortunately it also has its drawbacks. Many people are not aware when you try to force plants to grow faster by using chemicals their properties could change. The medicinal characteristics of certain plants could become less effective when manufactured compounds are used continuously on them.

Not only that but in the case of food crops; high concentration of chemicals can harm the human body when consumed over an extended period of time. Organic seeds are useful in producing medicinal herbs with their natural properties intact. They are also able to germinate into vegetables that haven’t been contaminated with industrial compounds. No one likes eating polluted food; sadly some farmers tend to add all kinds of dubious fertilizers to their crops on a regular basis. The organic seeds are the most reliable way to know what you are growing. It is one of the few ways you can guarantee the integrity of an herb.


There is a way that you can use to distinguish between the regular herb seeds and the organic ones. If the seeds carry the USDA organic seal you can be certain they comply with the requirements. The seal of approval by the Department of Agriculture is granted to products that have been grown using only organic fertilizers in a chemical free environment.

Another important certification is also acknowledged by the Soil Association. They are very meticulous about their standards. This fact is good to know if you want to grow your own products. Any organic herb seeds carrying these certifications are highly recommended.

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