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New Potatoes

Some people prefer eating new potatoes than mature ones. These are not completely mature. Many people confuse the immature ones with another type. Fingerling potatoes are a specific variation and they are completely mature.

The new or immature potatoes are young potatoes of any type. These young potatoes are usually harvested during spring or summer.

There are many reasons why people would eat such a small potato instead of a normal one.

Known as new, young or baby they have certain characteristics that make them quite desirable. Their crispy and waxy texture is one of them. There are certain recipes that can be cooked easier with younger potatoes.

The skin is very thin and leaner than the skin of mature ones.

This delicate skin is one of the main reasons for choosing this potato. Since the skin is so light they can be cooked with it. Some restaurants have a machine that can take the skin off young potatoes but most people that cook them at their houses do it without peeling them. If you are not going to peel them is very important to wash them very carefully.

New red potatoes

Another advantage to these potatoes is their taste. The fact they haven’t mature completely indicates the sugar haven’t turn entirely to starch which means a sweeter potato that can go very well with salads. They also have a tendency to keep their shape when cooked and cut. Because their flesh is so waxy they are not very good for frying or baking but that does not mean you cannot make delicious dishes with them.

They are perfect for boiling and steaming.

If you want to boil them; you don’t need to peel them just wash them enough to take off all the dirt. Then put them in a pot with a good amount of water and add salt. You can wait for 15 to 20 minutes then drain all the water. Remember top them with butter immediately after they are cooked to give the best taste possible. 

Baby potatoes - purple variety

One problem with new potatoes is that they are very vulnerable to sunlight damage.

Since their skin is so thin they have way less protection than fully mature ones. If the potatoes are exposed to sunlight for too long they will start developing green areas under the skin. There is a very dangerous chemical called solanine located in those green areas. You can cut the green area or discard the potato if you find any green spots.

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