my yukon gold potatoes keep turning green. can i eat them once they are green?

My Yukon gold potatoes keep turning green. Can I eat them once they are green?

I read on your website that keeping potatoes near the light will make them turn green. Mine have done that. I will make sure to correct how I store them in the future.

However, my question is can I eat them or are they bad to eat green?

If you can afford it at the moment, throw them away and get more potatoes. But if you can’t get more and is just a tiny green spot then cook the good parts of the potatoes.

You can do a simple test if the potato has a small green part.

Cut the potato in a half; if you see a green border around the potato halves throw them away and use another one.

Remember: If you’re going to cook a whole potato with the skin on for baking, roasting, etc., then use a potato that doesn’t have any green spots at all.