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Lower Fat Oven Roasted Potatoes

by Ann McRae
(Hernando Beach, FL)

Instead of roasting potatoes in olive oil in a pan I take a large baggie and drizzle about 2 tbsp olive oil, dash of salt and pepper and paprika, some parsley flakes and shake it up then place the cut up raw potatoes in the baggie and roll around to coat the potatoes.

Shake the contents of the baggie in a shallow roasting pan and cook in 400 Fahrenheit degrees (204°C) in the oven for about 49 minutes. Potatoes will be crisp and brown, very tasty and lower fat.

You can vary the seasonings according to your taste.

Sometimes I add some garlic powder, and other times I omit the parsley, sometimes I add basil.

There are a lot of variations.

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