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Instant Mashed Potatoes

Instant mashed potatoes have become a convenience when regular ones are not available for any reason. In the plate of almost every American the potato has become a frequently consumed vegetable.

They have many vitamins and other nutrients for our health. The importance of potatoes in the human diet cannot be stretched enough. They are also an essential part of a celebrated holiday, Thanksgiving Day. Since they are such a valuable food and source of nutrients cooking them the best way we can is fundamental.

Potatoes are normally peeled off, then they are cut and finally cooked the way you want. Preparing them is very simple and faster than most dishes.

However, there are moments when you want them as fast as possible and can’t wait 30 minutes for them to be done.

Instant mashed potatoes have been created for that precise purpose. The instant potatoes have gone through a process where they have been cooked, mashed and dried. Finally these potatoes are packaged and delivered to stores. To restore the potatoes you just have to add a few simple ingredients to the mix and your mashed potatoes will be ready with little effort.

instant mixed potatoes

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There are some things you should know about them. They are easy to prepare and can be stored for a long time. They can also be made by using potato flour and have about the same nutritional value of normal mashed potatoes. The only problem is with the content of vitamin C, the instant version has a lesser amount of this vitamin.

The instant type usually has the form of granules or flakes while the normal ones are generally chunkier. The flake type is the one most commonly sold in stores while the granulated is frequently used in restaurants.

One way to cook them is to boil one cup of water (if you are using one cup of mix) after that; you add the water to the potato flakes. You can add some potato milk, almond milk or regular milk and more water to the mix until it has the desired texture. Some garlic can be used as topping if you wish.

There are plenty of extra uses for the instant mashed potatoes.

Some people use the instant mix to make soups creamier and give them the texture they desire. The mix can also be used to prepare potato bread which is quite tasty and is a good source of carbohydrates.

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