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Indoor Vegetable Garden

An indoor vegetable garden offer several advantages over a traditional outdoor garden. Especially with the proliferation of heart conditions and other diseases related to poor habits eating healthy food has become fundamental.

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables helps in preventing a good number of diseases. Unfortunately the common practice of using pesticides on crops has a detrimental effect on our health. These chemicals accumulate in the tissue of our bodies resulting in several health conditions. One way to have healthy and free of pesticides food is eating organic vegetables.

Organic vegetables are simply vegetables that have been grown without pesticides or any other dangerous chemical component. You can buy organic food at most supermarkets. Organic food will usually be certified as free of chemicals and is generally more expensive than normally grown crops. However, there is a way to have your own organic vegetables without having to pay a high price.

Creating your own indoor vegetable garden will provide you healthy food at a very low cost.

This type of gardening is especially useful for people that live in areas where the weather can be harsh. Outdoor gardening is good but your crops will be in danger at the first sign of heavy rain or snow.

Tomato plantsThere are several things you must take into consideration before making your indoor garden. The soil that you are going to use is extremely important, your system to irrigate the plants and the sunlight. The soil you are going to use is not normal soil. Lightweight soil is the best kind of soil for an indoor garden. Perlite, sand, forest mulch and silica combined in equal proportions will provide you a nice soil mix. Any almost decent sized container will work well.

Plastic containers and pots are very useful for this.

Remember to make small holes at the bottom of the container to create an appropriate drainage.

When watering the plants use water that has the same temperature as the room. Another important of an indoor vegetable garden is sunlight. Plants need a good amount of sunlight in order to grow healthy. Try to put your plants near windows that way you will be able to control the amount of sunlight they get by using curtains when needed. Some of the best plants for an indoor garden are tomatoes. Tomatoes and especially baby tomatoes will not grow too big and are perfect to grow inside the house.

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