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Hot Potato Game - How to Play

The hot potato game is basically a children’s game although it can be played by anyone. There is no real age restriction on it but kids seem to enjoy it quite a bit. This is an old fashioned game like hide and seek, pin the tail of the donkey and pass the parcel. 

The potato game doesn’t require a large space or a lot of preparation.

You only need a single potato to get the game started. Birthday parties and family reunions are occasions to have fun with this simple activity.

Playing the hot potato game:

Before you begin the game there are a few things you are going to need: 

Potato for playing game

- a potato 

- two or more players 

- a person performing the “shouter” duties

Explain the rules in a simple way so that even young kids know what you mean. 

You can make a quick demonstration so everything is clearly understood.

1. First, all players must form a circle; they can play the game in the standing or sitting position.

2. Before throwing the potato act like is very hot and everyone playing the game must do the same. As soon as a player catches the potato; he or she must throw it to the person next to them.

3. The game starts when the person designated as the “shouter” says go. The duty of the shouter is to keep repeating “hot potato” while the players toss the potato to the player at the right side in a circular motion. The shouter should not be looking at the players to prevent cheating. When the shouter says “stop” whoever has the potato losses.

4. The same process is repeated until one player remains. This person becomes the winner.

There is also an electronic version of the game:

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Why play the hot potato game?

This game is not only used to have fun but it can work as a development tool for young children as well. Think about it, with one potato; kids have the chance to improve several skills at the same time. The first thing this game can teach them is to listen properly. As the shouter is continuously saying the words “hot potato” the rest of the children need to pay attention to know when to stop.

The improvement of their hand-eye coordination is another benefit they can obtain. 

As the game progresses each child needs to pass the potato as fast as they can; doing this allows them to observe carefully and enhance their motor skills. At the next birthday you will attend bring a potato and let the fun begin!

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