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Herb Garden - Advantages of growing herbs at home

Making a herb garden is quite popular. People from all ages are discovering the joy of growing plants in their own homes. Herbs are a gift from nature. Some of them make excellent seasonings with a wonderful aroma and there are others that have a captivating appearance.  

You could be thinking; why grow herbs? Well, there are a vast amount of benefits for growing them at your house. Some of them are obvious but there are others that are easily overlooked.

Benefits of growing a herb garden:

There are many reasons for growing herbs in your own yard. 

- One of them and probably the most important one is to save money. Some herbs are essential to prepare tasty dishes. There is a huge demand for them; so quite often you would see them in stores for a very onerous price. You have the alternative of growing the herbs and use as many as you like without having to pay.

- Another benefit is availability. You probably have gone to the store looking for a specific herb to a make your favorite potato recipe just to find out they are out of stock. You don’t have to worry much about that if you have your own supply. As you grow them you can keep an inventory and see if you need more. Whenever you feel like you might run out; just put some seeds in the soil and nature will do the rest.

- Other extra benefits you might enjoy by having an herb garden is their aroma and appearance. There is no point in denying that growing herbs in your yard; make the house itself look better. As they bloom, the surroundings become more alive plus their fragrance will make your gardening experience even more pleasant.

    Sawtooth coriander in the herb garden

Tip: Soil remediation can help avoid difficulties when trying to grow plants.

Which herbs to grow

You can grow any herb you like; of course some of them are more useful than others. 

- One typically used in the kitchen is the oregano. This is a very easy to grow herb you will love. Its leaves can do wonders in Mediterranean meals plus it can be used as an antiseptic. 

- Chives are another herb you will want to grow. They are a small variety of onions that taste pretty good in a several dishes. Connoisseurs of the French cuisine are aware of their potential as they employ them quite frequently. One unusual property they possess is the ability to repel several insect species. This comes in handy when owing a garden; as they can protect it while providing delicious herbs. Chives have medicinal properties quite similar to those of the garlic although less potent.

- One herb you should not forget is the parsley. This is a must to have on any herb garden. They are part of many popular dishes such as mashed potatoes, stews, chicken and steak. It is quite hard to imagine any of these recipes without the gentle touch of the parsley. In addition of being part of a great number of potato dishes; they are a good source of antioxidants which can help to boost the immune system.

Parsley plant

- Enthusiasts of the Italian cuisine should not forget the basil. This is a strong flavored herb preferred by many. It is normally used fresh to prevent the loss of flavor. There are several types of this herbs but the sweet variety seems to be a primordial element in Italian meals. Some consider the basil a natural remedy as it has antiviral properties plus is used to treat cases of asthma and even diabetes.

- Rosemary is another popular herb that comes from the Mediterranean region. It is used to add flavor to several foods such as chicken and pork plus it works wonders as a stuffing component. 

This plant is very resistant to droughts; do not require a lot of maintenance and pests won’t bother it easily. 

They have a strong aroma making them great for perfumes and an aesthetically pleasing appearance qualifies them to be ideal for decorations.

- Another must have for your herb garden is the thyme. Thyme leaves can be added to any recipe either fresh or dried. Fresh have a better taste but will not tolerate storage for too long. You can grow them in a wide variety of climates and can resist droughts well. It is a powerful antiseptic and its tea is known to promote health when facing conditions such as bronchitis.

- Mint
is frequently used as well. 

Growing a mint plant

As you see having an herb garden has its advantages; plant some herbs and see for yourself what it can do for you.

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