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Herb Farming At Home

The concept of herb farming at home

There are so many choices when you decide to start a herb garden. You can choose from creating an indoor windowsill or just create an outdoor garden using containers and baskets.

Many people don't have a large scale garden but have a main purpose to having fresh grown herbs at home. That's why herb farming at home has become a very popular hobby, particularly for those who have a large yard to host a good-sized garden area. However, even if you live in the city, you can still enjoy fresh herbs grown on a sunny windowsill too, letting you grow an indoor garden all year round.


How to begin herb farming at home

1. The first step is to select the best place to grow your plants and to prepare the soil in that place. You will be successful if you choose a spot that receives at least five hours of sunlight every day, since the vast majority of herbs need plenty of sun. Drainage is another important consideration, so plant your herbs on a mound when possible to allow for well drained soil. Add some organic material to the area, and check the pH of the soil to ensure that it is slightly alkaline. If it doesn't test out right, add some lime to the soil to cut down on the acidity.

2. The next step is to collect the plants that you would like to grow. This mean that there are  herbs that can be started from seed that is sown directly into the ground, and others can be started indoors for earlier harvest. However, for some herbs like rosemary and tarragon, we recommend you to start these plants with cuttings or by purchasing small plants from your local nursery.

Rosemary for cooking

3. Once your herb garden begins to grow with all those plants, you can expand your crops by root division or stem cuttings from your current plants. It can also be really fun to add new crops each year. This way, you can increase your variety of fresh herbs and experiment with the ease of growing different types of plants. 

Growing herbs is really easy and it can actually require less care than many vegetables, and often herbs do not need to be watered as often. In addition to this, remember that herbs will provide beauty and fragrance to any garden setting. Once you begin to grow your own herbs, you will enjoy it.

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