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Growing Strawberries

Growing strawberries is a simple process that can be done in the comfort of your home. There are many reasons for wanting to grow such a fruit. Before trying to grow them you should know there are different types. Having a big yard is a good when trying to grow strawberry plants or any other kind of fruit in your house but it is not essential.

They are appropriate for desserts and salads but they also can be relevant in preventing many health conditions. Cultivating fruits like the strawberry have several benefits.

Many people have the wrong idea that the only way of growing fruits or vegetables is by having a farm or a big garden. You can grow a wide variety of fruits or vegetables in your house even if you have a small yard or no yard at all. Growing strawberries in a garden is quite different from growing them in a container. The main 3 types are the summer bearings, the everbearing and the day neutral strawberries.

Strawberry plant - How to grow strawberries

The summer bearings are the most common type of strawberries; they are very sweet, tasty and are usually harvested during June. They normally produce one big crop and it generally takes 3 weeks to be ready for harvesting. The second type known as the everbearings are usually mature by spring then they are ready again in summer. They have the small disadvantage of being a bit smaller than summer ones but they can be grown more than one time in a year. The final type is the day neutral one. This type is quite similar to the everbearing producing more than one crop.

Growing strawberries in a garden requires approximately 6 to 8 hours of sunlight to produce a healthy crop. 

The ph of your soil should be around 6 and is imperative that you have a well drained soil. Getting healthy plants or seeds is also essential to get a disease free crop. This type of crop is vulnerable to many diseases; the first step to prevent them is by choosing the best and most healthy plants or seeds. You can add a couple of inches of compost to the soil 2 weeks before planting your plants to get better results. 

Do not grow strawberry plants in a garden where tomatoes, potatoes, peppers or eggplants have been grown recently to prevent Verticillium Rot. 

You can create matted rows (especially for the summer variety) to improve their growth. Setting the plants 18 inches apart in rows with approximately 4 feet apart and digging a hole just big enough to allow roots to spread will help the growth of your strawberries immensely. The next step is to place the crown flush with the soil. Leave half of the crown exposed. Water the plants frequently but be careful to not over water them.

During the first year take all flowers from the plants; doing this will allow the plants to concentrate all the energy into the roots and runners.

The reason for this is to ensure a big and healthy crop the second year.

Growing strawberries in a pot is quite simple. You can pick any small container or preferably a strawberry pot. A strawberry pot is a special type of pot prepared for cultivating strawberries. This type of pot will keep the roots from the strawberry plants from rotting. Use sterile organic soil to prevent diseases and pests.

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