The use of a French Fry Cutter

French fries are one of those ultimate comfort foods. There is something magical about these fried pieces of potato. It seems that everyone has an opinion on what makes a good French fry.

However, you do not have to head out to a restaurant to get a batch of fries.

With a French fry cutter you can prepare them in your own kitchen in a short amount of time.

One of the reasons that many people steer clear of French fries is because they are not the most healthy food choice. That being said, if you are going to be making your own you can actually make better quality fries at home.

A French fries cutter is a tool that helps you to uniformly cut a potato into the familiar strips that you have come to know.

One of the best things about French fry cutters is that they produce uniform pieces of potato. This is important because a good batch of fries is one that has all of its pieces cooking in relatively the same amount of time. This protects you against overly soggy fries and overly crunchy fries.

Remember to peel the potatoes before using the cutter.

When looking for a cutter there are a variety of places that you can shop for them. You can also look at gourmet kitchen stores for top of the line devices, but sometimes these are significantly more expensive.

Before deciding on one you must verify the features it has so that you can get the one with the specifications you have in mind:

  • stainless steel
  • iron
  • plastic material
  • or if you want it to be wall mounted

Is essential to know the measurement of the potato blades, so you can know which size of fries you will be able to cook.

Additionally you are going to want to take a look at how easy the device is to clean. For example, if the fry cutter is dishwasher safe so that it is easy to take care of.

Perhaps most importantly you are going to want to focus on how durable the device is. You want your investment to be a lasting piece of equipment so find a device with a proven record of success.