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5 Easy to Grow Vegetables at Home

Generally people want to know which are the easy to grow vegetables, to waste as less time as possible and start seeing some results. Just as with any kind of plant you must check for any insects that could be eating the leaves and keep the plants moderately watered.

There are vegetables that tend to develop well in simple conditions while others seem to be high maintenance with the type of soil, amount water and sun (or shade).

Vegetables that can grow easily at your home:

1. radish - They are small root vegetables with large foliage that can be grown to decorate green areas. Like its root, the leaves are also edible and can be used as part of salads, soups or juices.

2. green peppers - These grow fast and produce many peppers but with time the peppers seem to get smaller. You must remember to do some monthly pruning to keep the peppers growing in a decent size.

3. pigeon peas - They grow really fast but the problem with them is that the roots are really thick and difficult to get them out if for some reason you want to use the soil for another vegetable.

4. lettuce - Is one of the easy to grow vegetables, but you must remember to not harvest them while they are producing seeds because the leaves will taste quite bitter.

5. carrots - If you are growing them in containers, grow only 2 or 3 per container (depending on its size) because if you put too many they will not grow as they are supposed to.

Plants of carrots

Leaving 3 or 4 inches (as a minimum) of spacing between each one is ideal.

6. potatoes - You must have high quality potato seeds and provide good spacing between them. Since they produce various potatoes, the spacing should be (at least) 12 inches or more between each potato seed.

Russet potatoes

When cooking, probably most of the time, herbs are used to improve and add new flavors to the dishes; some are just very easy to grow, including:

1. Mexican oregano 

Mexican oregano plant

You could say it almost requires no maintainance, because it grows quite fast and keeps well with practically a little water (about once or twice a week). As it grows and spreads fast you can make some monthly pruning to keep it with vibrant green leaves.

2. sawtooth coriander (also known as long coriander or culantro)


Sawtooth coriander (culantro) plant

Widely used in the Caribbean cuisine, the herb grows quite well under a lot of sun; it has a strong scent and taste.

3. basil - The sweet genovese basil has an incredible scent and is used in many of the Italian dishes. Grows well under the sun but must be watered rather frequently on the week.

Sweet genovese basil

By growing you own vegetables and herbs you will be a lot more confident when cooking knowing how they were grown and it will help you save money on the current economical situation.

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