do mashed potatoes count as vegetables

Do mashed potatoes count as vegetables?

Do mashed potatoes count as vegetables? What an interesting question. I’m wondering if you are asking about those “instant” mashed potatoes that you can cook in 10 minutes.

In my opinion, those don’t count as vegetables at all. That’s because those instant mashed potatoes are very high in sodium and sometimes they have other ingredients, making the dish not as healthy as it is supposed to be.

Potatoes are vegetables. And mashed potatoes can count as vegetables as long as they are homemade. I’m sure your mom told you that they don’t count as vegetables because she probably thinks that mashed potatoes are not a healthy dish.

But that depends if you add other ingredients to your mashed potatoes. For example, if you eat them mashed with lots of butter, bacon, cheese, etc., those ingredients will make mashed potatoes tastier but not healthier.