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Cooking with Citrus Herbs

Cooking with citrus herbs is easy and very rewarding. You probably have tried many times to give your favorite recipes a different touch. Unfortunately doing this is easier said than done. You don’t have to worry; there is a method you can use to give your recipes a new exciting flavor without risking too much. You can apply it easily and the result is something you will enjoy.

Which are some citrus herbs?

- A citrus herb often used in the kitchen is the lemon balm. This is a herb that originates from the Mediterranean region. Its leaves have a slight lemon aroma that work great in many dishes.

Fresh lemon balm leaves

- Lemongrass is another herb you may find quite appealing. It also posses a faint lemon scent that can enhance the flavor of your favorite recipes. One of its main benefits is the ability to impart that lemon flavor to the food without making it sour.

- Lemon thyme is one herb you should not miss. It is very similar to the typical thyme with one major difference and that is its taste. The lemon taste it possess make it very useful for any dish that might require a slight citrus accent.

You can find several recipes where cooking with citrus herbs can make a favorable impact.

These types of herbs are ideal for fish and meats based dishes.

- Grilled fish combined with a small touch of lemon grass is something you must try.

- Even fried fish will develop a new more interesting flavor after adding a moderate amount of lemon balm.

- Another recipe worth mentioning is the popular lemon chicken. This dish is the ideal example where you can use lemongrass or thyme, instead of an actual lemon, to reduce the bitterness and improve the flavor.

Citrus herbs can be used just like other seasonings or spices; of course is important to only use small amounts for any meal.

In a very similar fashion with other herbs, if you use too much you can risk over seasoning which could result in a too strong flavored dish that may not be what you were looking for.

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