How do I Clean a pot After Making Mashed Potatoes, Hot or Cold Water?

How do I clean a pot after making mashed potatoes? That’s the question that keeps popping up in the minds of cooks after remembering they left their dinner boiling for far too long while paying attention to their favorite cooking show. Fortunately, there is a way to deal with the remnants of mashed potatoes. It is easy to apply and won’t require a budget to return your beloved pot to its former glory.

First, add a bit of dishwashing soap to the pan. Then, pour vinegar. Next, fill the pot with enough water to cover the potatoes and boil the mix for around three minutes. Finally, drain the water, scrub the remains for a few seconds and enjoy your squeaky-clean pot. Remember, hot water is critical for the process to work.

The previously mentioned method works for the toughest cooking mishap involving burnt mashed potatoes. However, you won’t need to go to such lengths in most instances. Instead, apply the following techniques and see which one works best.

5 Simple Ways to Clean a pot After Cooking Mashed Potatoes

If your mashed potatoes are slightly stubborn and only need a little push to let go of your favorite cooking pan, you can try one of the simple approaches to solve the issue asap. They won’t take long, and you will be shocked to see how any of the everyday household items can make a huge difference.

1. Begin Soaking

how do i clean a pot after making mashed potatoes

One way to remove stuck mashed potatoes at the bottom is by soaking them in water. Add water with soap to the pot and let it be for several hours. You may also want to wait until the next day if the problem seems extreme, although it’s rarely necessary. Once you are done waiting, drain the water and scrape whatever is left with the rough side of the sponge under hot water. That should do the trick.

2. Try Simmering


You may want to simmer the pot if you don’t feel like waiting for several hours for the potatoes to get unstuck. For the procedure to work, you only have to add water to the pot, place it on the stove and turn the heat between medium and low heat. After ten minutes, turn the heat off, remove it from the stove, drain, and use a steel wool pad. After washing it, it should look like new.

3. Resort to Boiling

hot water with soap

If simmering is not cutting it, there is something else you can do to accelerate the process. Pour water into the pan, mix it with dishwashing soap and let it boil. After five minutes, remove the pan from the heat, drain and scrape. This technique is one of the simplest yet most efficient ways to clean a pot.

In the following video, you will see a few tricks that will allow you to remove food from a pan:

4. Add Vinegar

pot with left over potatoes and a bottle of white vinegar

In some cases, you might have to enlist vinegar as your assistant to help you out with the scorched food problem. First, open the cooking cabinet and look for a bottle of distilled white vinegar. Then, start by adding enough water to cover the food remnants, mix with four ounces of vinegar and bring the solution to a boil. Wait around five minutes, take it out of the stove, empty the pan, and it’s sponge time.

5. Apply Baking Soda

plain baking soda over a plate

Baking soda can do wonders for your burnt pot. How does it work? Combine four tablespoons of baking soda with water. Then, put the pot on the stove using medium heat until the water boils. Let it be for three minutes before turning the heat off. Dump out the water, and scrub away any leftover food.

Now you know the answer to the question, how do I clean a pot after making mashed potatoes? Realize there are many ways to restore your pan and get rid of burnt potatoes without a hassle. It’s a quick and straightforward process. Hot water, soap, vinegar, and baking soda are your allies. Keep them around, and your life will be much easier.