Uses of Raw Potatoes

raw potatoes

Uses of Raw Potatoes Raw potatoes have many uses that some people don’t know about. Potatoes are always used to prepare many dishes, and we don’t think of any other use for them if they are not cooked, being raw food. From older times, potatoes have been used as the main part of meals and … Read more

Hot Potato Game – How to Play

hot potato game

Hot Potato Game – How to Play The hot potato game is basically a children’s game although it can be played by anyone. There is no real age restriction on it but kids seem to enjoy it quite a bit. This is an old fashioned game like hide and seek, pin the tail of the … Read more

How to Use Potato Electricity in 4 Steps

Russet potato

How to use Potato Electricity in 4 Steps You might be surprised but potatoes can make a clock work. No, it doesn’t mean they can fix them (not that I know of) but rather power them. When you think about it if they can provide energy to the human body, they might do the same … Read more