Uses of Raw Potatoes

raw potatoes

Uses of Raw Potatoes Raw potatoes have many uses that some people don’t know about. Potatoes are always used to prepare many dishes, and we don’t think of any other use for them if they are not cooked, being raw food. From older times, potatoes have been used as the main part of meals and …

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White Potatoes

fresh white potatoes

White Potatoes White potatoes have been an essential part of the diet of many people for centuries. Just as other variations it has a lot of nutrients and can be used to prepare different recipes. Cooking the white type of potato is not hard at all. As a matter of fact; many civilizations through history …

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Russet Potatoes

Russet potatoes

The Russet Potatoes Russet Potatoes are the most common type of potatoes. Other popular types of potatoes are the red potatoes and the Yukon gold potatoes. There are more than 200 potato species, and they are frequently used to feed animals on farms. Still, they are so tasty and nutritious that they eventually became a …

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Are Potatoes Vegetables or Fruits? The Truth Finally Revealed

banana, apple and a Russet potato

Are Potatoes Vegetables or Fruits? The Truth Revealed Are potatoes vegetables or fruits? That’s one intriguing question. People have been debating whether they are vegetables, fruits, roots, tubers, or something else for a long time. Still, many have also failed to unveil the mystery. But no need to worry. The answer is finally here! Potatoes …

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Do Potatoes Cause Constipation?

potatoes over a plate

Do Potatoes Cause Constipation When Eaten Often? Like most foods, potatoes affect how often you have to go to the bathroom. However, it might not be the way you think. Potatoes do not cause constipation when eaten often. As a matter of fact, they can be a part of a nutrition regime to improve digestion …

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Purple Potatoes Nutrition – Everything You Need to Know

purple potatoes

Purple Potatoes Nutrition Facts – Everything You Need to Know The purple potatoes nutrition has captivated the attention of many enthusiasts of the versatile tuber. But what is so special about it? Why have so many people been enchanted by the hypnotic hue that shrouds these almost mystical tubers? As you might have guessed, that …

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Nightshade Vegetables Family

nightshade vegetables

What are Nightshade Vegetables Nightshade vegetables are slightly different from other vegetables. They both can be quite healthy, however, the normal type grows well with plenty of sunlight while the other one requires good shade. It could be said that the nightshade type grows better in well shaded areas and sometimes even flower at night. …

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Fingerling Potatoes

gold fingerling

Fingerling Potatoes Potatoes are very important, and there are many types of them like fingerling potatoes, purple, red, yellow, etc. Potatoes are the fourth most popular crop on the planet, following wheat, corn, and rice. Potatoes originated from South America and eventually spread through many other countries. The potatoes are pretty easy to cultivate and …

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History of Potatoes

many Russet potatoes over a blue plate

The History of Potatoes The history of potatoes is quite long, so we decided to write a summary about it. The purpose is to give you an idea about how potatoes were found and how they arrived to Europe and North America. Potatoes have existed for more than 10000 years in their native environment in …

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Vitamin C Foods

vitamin c foods

Vitamin C Foods All of us have heard about the benefits if vitamin C foods. But there are still many questions related to that vitamin itself. For example, which fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C? What is the recommended daily intake of that vitamin? What happens if we consume too much vitamin C? …

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