Origin of French Fries

origin of french fries

Origin of French Fries The origin of French fries is somewhat mysterious. Many people have wondered over the years where do they come from and how could anyone managed to create such an interesting food. They are eaten in the United States and also in many countries all around the world. If you have visited … Read more

Who Made the Potato Salad

who made the potato salad

Who Made the Potato Salad? Who made the potato salad? That is a very interesting question. The salad is a very frequent dish prepared in most households but few wonder about the origin of the food. The potatoes are commonly cooked in America during the whole year. The potato salad is part of almost every … Read more

Why do my Traditional Mashed Potatoes Taste Tangy?

why do my traditional mashed potatoes taste tangy

Why do my Traditional Mashed Potatoes Taste Tangy and Sour? Why do my traditional mashed potatoes taste tangy? That’s one question that may have been tormenting you for a long time. Numerous factors can influence how potatoes taste, from the condition of the tuber itself to the ingredients employed in the recipe. Although it is … Read more

How do I Clean a pot After Making Mashed Potatoes?

pot with left over mashed potatoes

How do I Clean a pot After Making Mashed Potatoes, Hot or Cold Water? How do I clean a pot after making mashed potatoes? That’s the question that keeps popping up in the minds of cooks after remembering they left their dinner boiling for far too long while paying attention to their favorite cooking show. … Read more

Delicious Baked Mashed Potatoes

freshly mashed potatoes

The baked mashed potatoes are one of those recipes appropriate for any occasion. They can be as simple or elaborated as you desire.

7 Steps Potato

7 steps potato baked in halves

1. Stab your potato with a knife and wrap it in a moist paper towel. Bake it in the microwave for 10 minutes. 2. Heat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit (218°C)