best potato

Which potatoes are best for a particular recipe?

Which potatoes are best for pot pies?

For pot pies you can use any kind of potatoes, but the best are Yukon gold, red or white potatoes.


Need to know which is good to make best potato salad.

To make the best potato salad recipe you can use the Yukon gold potatoes.

In the case that you can’t get them, just use Russet potatoes.


Best potatoes to make cabbage and potato dumplings?

I have a recipe for potato dumplings where you grate 2 potatoes. Add salt and flour. Drop small spoonfuls into boiling water and rinse. Then add to sautéed cabbage, so I would like to know the best kind of potatoes to use for this recipe.

Boiling potatoes are best for dumplings because they hold their shape best after cooking. You can use red or white potatoes which are ideal.

Tip – You could try making the dumplings with 2 tbsp of potato starch.