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Welcome to the all about potatoes blog!

Here you will find updates and the latest additions to our website: What else you can find here? Well, more useful information like the following: facts about potatoes, recipes and articles.

Also cooking tips, how to grow potatoes, how to store them and all about this delicious tuber... the potato!

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Can you Freeze Mashed Potatoes?

Leftovers can save you a ton of time. Find out the essential steps to cook, store, and reheat mashed potatoes the right way.

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How to Bake Potatoes in 8 Easy Steps

Learn how to bake potatoes - The simple way for making golden, crispy and fluffy potatoes.

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Potatoes and Diabetes: Is there a Connection?

Discover the myths and truths about the potato tuber and its relationship with diabetes.

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What is the best potato for pan frying?

I have tried every recipe I can find to make Fried Potatoes the way my mother did it in the 60's! I can't get it! I want to fry them in a regular pan (no

Continue reading "What is the best potato for pan frying?"

How to Make Potato Stuffing for Turkey in 7 Easy Steps

Making potato stuffing for turkey is easy as cake. Well, it isn't cake, but you can bet it is as delicious. You may be wondering if it's worth the time and effort.

Continue reading "How to Make Potato Stuffing for Turkey in 7 Easy Steps"

19 Thanksgiving Questions and How to Save your Dinner

If you need help with the thanksgiving dinner, I'm here for you. Discover the answers to your most pressing questions.

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White Potatoes

The white potatoes also known as Irish potatoes have been cultivated in South America for thousands of years.

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Garlic Mashed Potatoes Recipe

The garlic mashed potatoes recipe is something you have to try. The special feature of the recipe is the distinct flavor of the garlic.

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6 Types of Potatoes to make Yummy Recipes

Learn about the different types of potatoes and find out which cooking method is best suited for each type.

Continue reading "6 Types of Potatoes to make Yummy Recipes"

What is the Safest Cookware to Use?

Not sure if your cookware is leeching toxins into your food? Find out which are the best containers to prepare your meals and keep your family safe.

Continue reading "What is the Safest Cookware to Use?"

Dehydrated Vegetables

Dehydrated vegetables are a great alternative to the fresh ones. Most people enjoy the taste of fresh vegetables but sometimes they are not available for any number of reasons.

Continue reading "Dehydrated Vegetables"

Who Made the Potato Salad

Who made the potato salad? That is a very interesting question. The salad is a very frequent dish prepared in most households but few wonder about the origin of the food.

Continue reading "Who Made the Potato Salad"

How to Boil Potatoes Using the 4 Step Method

Discover how to boil potatoes and make delightful recipes with a few simple tricks.

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Potatoes turn black when preparing scalloped potato dish?

I cut PEI potatoes in slices for scalloped potatoes, but when they came out of the oven the top layer was a slightly gray black colour. Answer: Hello,

Continue reading "Potatoes turn black when preparing scalloped potato dish?"

Best Potato Salad Recipe | Classic

The best potato salad recipe mostly used in holidays to share with the family.

Continue reading "Best Potato Salad Recipe | Classic"

Should one leave boiled potatoes in their hot water to keep them warm?

Should one leave boiled potatoes in their hot water to keep them warm? Answer: Hi Richard, boiled potatoes is one of the most popular ways of eating

Continue reading "Should one leave boiled potatoes in their hot water to keep them warm?"

Sprouting Potatoes

Sprouting potatoes are quite common if they have been stored for a prolonged period of time. They could be a bit of a problem if you are planning to eat them.

Continue reading "Sprouting Potatoes"

5 Easy to Grow Vegetables and 3 Herbs

Simple list of the easy to grow vegetables in your yard or containers as well.

Continue reading "5 Easy to Grow Vegetables and 3 Herbs"

Rosemary Olive Oil

The rosemary olive oil can do wonders for your potatoes. It can provide a distinct flavor to any dish.

Continue reading "Rosemary Olive Oil"

Ground Beef and Potato Recipe

The ground beef and potato recipe is absolutely a flavorful dish with the addition of cream cheese and a few other ingredients.

Continue reading "Ground Beef and Potato Recipe"

Roasted Chicken with Potatoes

The roasted chicken with potatoes is an easy to prepare dish that you can share with your family.

Continue reading "Roasted Chicken with Potatoes"

Mushroom Potatoes

The mushroom potatoes add an interesting spin in your cooking menu even if you may be used to preparing potatoes in a particular way.

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Potato Ricer

Most people use a potato ricer to make a smoother texture on the mashed potatoes and to prepare them in a shorter amount of time.

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Potato Wedges Recipe

How to make the best potato wedges in just a few steps.

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Potato Gnocchi Recipe Tips

Simple ideas for cooking potato gnocchi, which basically are dumplings that can be prepared in various forms.

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Purple potatoes

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Whipped potatoes

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