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Hello, I know that fixing an exquisite dish of freshly made mashed potatoes to your family is one of your guilty pleasures. You love being completely relaxed in your kitchen mashing, roasting, boiling, or even frying your favorite spud variety with the hopes of turning it into a masterpiece.

The thought of applying the latest cooking techniques to create the ideal cut for your fries with a crispy, crunchy exterior and a smooth, fluffy core excites you as well. Even more so, you love the idea of seeing the happy faces of your family when you surprise them with a fabulous potato dish that they have only seen in magazines and cooking shows.

However, things do not always turn out the way we want. Your mashed potatoes could easily get that pesky annoying sandy texture that can bother the hungriest guest or unknowingly you could prepare them almost like a gluey soup, which is a big no-no!

You might even think you are making fries nice and crispy, but you are leaving one side raw. Potatoes are amazing, but only when you take care to prepare them right.

The Potato Challenge

I love potatoes so much I eat them frequently. When I started my potato-driven journey, I tried preparing them with a bunch of fancy techniques that failed horribly. Occasionally, I did well, but most of the time they were absolutely dreadful. I also tested endless ways to make potatoes creamier, fluffier, and crispier even after being stored.

Eventually, I got the hang of it. After years of daily potato cooking, I can say with confidence that putting together all the ingredients to bring up the authentic flavor of the taters is more a matter of trial and error than of natural skill. Don’t get fooled; potatoes are tricky, and if you get careless with them, they turn into a gigantic hard-to-fix mess.

You know, a lot of people don’t understand how delicate potatoes are, and the fact they need a lot of care when storing, cooking, and growing. They shouldn’t be treated like any other vegetable as they are unique and deserve special attention.

potato with a different shape

My commitment to grow and prepare potatoes in a way that everybody enjoys them is what drives me and is not something I only do on weekends, for me this is a way of life.

The Starting Point

My history with potatoes dates back years ago. It was around that time that I was listening to a radio show where a doctor talked about the fabled nutritional properties of potatoes. He mentioned facts that most people ignore. For instance, how spuds were full of nutrients such as Potassium and Vitamin C, and how anyone could live with a diet mainly of potatoes. Now, I’m not that hardcore as not to eat anything else, but I was intrigued by his statements, so I decided to experiment with them.

At first, I struggled to make potatoes the way I wanted. I know how it feels to try to create worth-of-praise dishes but to fail miserably in the attempt. Grainy texture, under-seasoning, over-seasoning, and clumping are a few of the common setbacks I experienced. Growing the plants was even more challenging (wilted stalks on every try was kind of frustrating), but I never gave up.

From growing to cooking potatoes, I went all in and found out, after a lot of painful experiences I might add, how to handle them and prevent emotional distress (yeah, a few messed up recipes will do that).

That’s why I am putting all my efforts into sharing all my findings of potatoes, so you too can add their goodness into your life.

Here in All About Potatoes you’ll find tips for cooking, growing, and storing potatoes plus much more.

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