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Potatoes in different ways

You have to love all about potatoes

They are among the top 10 crops produced in the world and there is a good reason for that.

They are a great source of amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and no fat! Yes you read that part right, potatoes are much more nutritious than people think. As a matter of fact you can live eating mostly potatoes and your health would be fine (don’t panic, you can eat other stuff if you want). Potatoes are an essential part of my daily meals and they should be part of yours as well.

They are a lot more than just another healthy food. Why?

Because they taste good! 

Ask yourself when was the last time you ate something that was healthy and tasted good? I guessed that much. The amount of good tasting dishes you can make with potatoes is simply staggering. 

There are other uses for potatoes besides eating them. Believe it or not, they can produce enough electricity to light a bulb or run an alarm clock (and no, you can’t plug in your TV to a potato). Furthermore, you can even create decorations with them, the possibilities are endless. I just simply can't imagine a kitchen without potatoes.


Varied potatoes


Getting your Potatoes

You can get potatoes very easily. You can go to the supermarket or the grocery store and buy as many as you like. You also have the alternative of growing them in your home. The grocery store is very easy but if you are a fan of organic foods or you like rare varieties that are hard to get you should try to grow them. 

I know trying to grow them may seem a bit challenging, especially if you have never done it before. Again, doing it is fairly simple and you will love producing your own organic potatoes (not mentioning you will save plenty of cash).

A potato


Sweet potatoes

Recipe Time

A very important part of knowing all about potatoes is cooking them. Cooking potatoes is simple. There is no complex science behind it, you just grab one or more potatoes and go for it. You can boil, bake, fry, steam, mash and roast them. 

The number of things you can do with the tuber is immense. You can make them in a few minutes (thanks to the microwave) or if you want them to be ready for a later meal the trusty slow cooker can assist you well. 

The different recipes for potatoes you can create are up to you. Once you have some experience you can try the tougher dishes. Several good potatoes' recipes, for example, require boiling and mashing or boiling and frying. If you combine them with other vegetables, meats, fish or anything else you enjoy you are going to prepare some amazing meals.

Prepare this tasty salad:

A salad

You can make this great potato salad by just following some basic directions.

Get the recipe here

The potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables available for cooking and they are probably the most popular tubers vegetables in the world. They are also called spuds and taters as well. There are many varieties of potatoes, endless ways to cook them and other uses too. I just simply can't imagine a kitchen without potatoes.

Try these recipes:

What to do with leftover chicken or turkey? Easy mashed potato pancakes recipe
Potato balls Pancakes

Take a look at these questions:

  • You don't know what to do with your potatoes?
  • Are you tired of cooking them the same way all the time?
  • Are your potatoes spoiled in just a few days?
  • Do you know which type is better for what you want to make?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above that means this is just what you need, go ahead and bookmark it to find your favorite recipes and information quickly.

We will be adding more interesting things, so each time you visit this site you will find something new to read about.

Cheddar casserole

You can contact us at any time if you have any comment or suggestions. Thanks for visiting All About Potatoes.

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